A little Valentine's day present: Bologna, the city of lovers in February 2019.

Do you want to come to Bologna for a daytrip on Valentine’s Day or during the whole month of February 2019? For this special occasion I have studied for you an unusual walking tour of Bologna with the help of a friend, Margherita, a skilled tour guide, to discover legends, love affairs, passions and tragedies of some famous lovers lived in the past centuries.

Are you ready to start this 2 hours tour throughout little narrow streets, churches and towers?

Let start from the story of Aposa and her daughter Felsina, the original name of Bologna!

We will continue with the story of a fighting between Guelf and Ghibellines in the 13th Century, and we will discover something about the love story between Virginia and Alberto happened near the famous “Corte Galluzzi’’ with its original Medieval tower.

And what about love affairs of Bonifacio Geremei who fell in love with Imelda Lambertazzi and was killed, one night, in her house near Archiginnasio, the first settlement of Bologna University?

Once reached the main Square, Piazza Maggiore, we could enter the San Petronio Basilic and discover one of the 22 chapels of the church which is dedicated to Elisa Buonaparte, Napoleon’s sister.

Elisa died in 1820 but her husband came back to Bologna and put her remains in this wonderful chapel carved by famous sculptors like Franzoni and Baruzzi, a Canova’s Pupil.

Finally, we will arrive under the “Asinelli tower” and we will be delighted by the story of the two donkeys who enabled a poor farmer of Bologna to build the tallest tower of the City and get married with a noble lady!

If the tour is taken in the afternoon, the Valentine’s day will be over only after an amazing cooking show and exclusive dinner with some typical bolognese dishes in a private house in collaboration with Try And Taste. A special menu will be prepared just for you!

For more information and reservations please Email me: info@yourowntour.it

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