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Extra Virgin olive oil tour

Do you know that Italy is the second exporter of extra virgin olive oil in the world? Most of the Italian extra virgin olive oil comes from Puglia, Tuscany and Garda lake. Anyway, maybe a few people know that also in Emilia Romagna you can taste a very good quality

extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

Multicultivar olives in Castelvetro Modena

Together with ham, cheese and Balsamic, Emilia Romagna also obtained in 1996 the PDO (Protecteddesignation of origin) certification for the Brisighella (a small village on the Hills near the Adriatic Sea) EVOO.

Olive tree in Castelvetro of Modena

However, you can also find a good extra virgin olive oil in a small village near Modena: the hamlet of Castelvetro, famous for the Lambrusco wine.

What is the difference between the extra virgin and simple olive oil?

cold-pressed extra vergin olive oil

EVOO is made from pure, fresh olives picked up by hand directly from the trees at the right moment

and cold-pressed immediately. Regular olive oil is a blend of oils including processed ones (with

chemicals inside) and a small percentage of EVOO. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

olive mill in Castelvetro of Modena

In order to become a real sommelier you need to attend a special school and taste a lot of olive

oil using a glass, heating it up with your hand, and drink it keeping in your mouth for a while.

My bottle of EVOO and glass for tasting

Are you ready for this tasting? After it you can also put extra virgin olive oil on a slice of bread and

eat a wonderful " bruschetta!

olives "sansa"

In 2020 I have a new tour including the visit and tasting to some farms producing extra virgin olive oilDo not miss this opportunity!

Castelvetro of Modena

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