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Five reasons to visit Parma, Italy

Parma, the Capital of Gastronomy and Culture in 2021, is a city worth visiting.

1 - First of all the historic center is truly beautiful and rich in history and art. A visit to the National Gallery inside Pilotta Complex and the Teatro Farnese is a must.

2 - The Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with masterpieces of Art of Correggio and the Baptistery with its traditional octagonal shape.

3 - If you like Classical music it is possible to visit the hometown of Giuseppe Verdi, the famous composer, and Toscanini, the renowned conductor, known all over the world, and attend the music festival which takes place every year in September/October.

4 - Shopping along the streets. Beautiful shops selling high-quality shoes, hats, dresses, and famous perfumes, like the one used by Maria Luigia D'Austria, Napoleon wife, called Violetta (Violet of Parma).

5 - Last but not least, Food. Parma and Piacenza area is the right place to taste excellent cured meats: the "Coppa Piacentina", "Salame Felino", "Prosciutto di Parma", and especially "Culatello di Zibello".

Prosciutto di Parma and Culatello are both DOP products regulated by European law. Culatello, like Prosciutto, comes from pork but it is only the part of the posterior thigh muscle of the pig and it is seasoned without bone, inside a natural casing (pork bladder) in the characteristic brick cellars. Prosciutto is treated by adding sea salt, while Culatello is treated with a mixture of salt, garlic, and pepper.

Culatello in Italy is considered one of the finest Italian cured meats, very expensive and tasty.

When you decide to come to Parma, I will be more than pleased to pick you up from Bologna train station or airport and take you here for a wonderful day tour or for a weekend.

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