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Four reasons to visit the Po Delta park near Ferrara

The Po Delta is an area in which the Po River flows into the Adriatic sea.

Since 1999 it has been included by UNESCO in the List of World Heritage Sites of Italy as an extension of the recognition given to the city of Ferrara in 1995.

The Po Delta Park represents the most important ornithological site in Italy and one of the most significant in Europe.

Its specific geographical location along a vital north-south and east-west migratory route, between the west of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, enables us to observe numerous waterbird species that find here an ideal habitat to feed, find shelter, and nest.

The first reason to visit the area of Po River is the visit to the little village of Comacchio and its famous "trepponti" Bridge.

Second, it is possible to take a boat trip on a small wooden boat that can offer nature lovers, birdwatchers, and photographers exclusive excursions.

A quiet stroll in the pinewood of the Po Delta on horseback or bike, accompanied by an expert guide, will enable you to go into an extraordinary nature reserve.

The Culinary specialties of the area is another reason to visit this territory. Fresh clams or mussels cooked in a wonderful spaghetti; the famous and delicious Comacchio eel, grilled, stewed, or marinated, and a delicate risotto with asparagus.

Po Delta Rice PGI is a natural, unique, and healthy product that benefits from the climatic and environmental conditions of the area of Ferrara and it is an excellent product in terms of quality and taste. Carnaroli rice is one of the most precious varieties, appreciated by the chefs for the consistency of the beans and the ability to absorb liquids during the creaming. This variety is particularly suitable for preparing any type of risotto.

A visit to a farm producing Rice of The Delta Po is always possible.

The near area of Altedo is famous for its green asparagus really tasty in the risotto and Protected by law. Known as a delicious food among the Egyptians and the Greeks, asparagus is a medicinal plant native to Asia. Already in Roman times, vegetables grown in the plain between Bologna and Ferrara were considered of great value, so they were sent to the capital and wrapped one by one, to preserve their freshness during the long journey.

A day trip to Ferrara and Comacchio with a stop for a visit to a farm or restaurant to eat fish or risotto is always to be considered an excellent weekend getaway.

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