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From Bologna to Rimini and San Marino

Emilia is famous for good food and speed cars but what about Romagna? Have you ever been there?

Romagna is part of the region which is still pretty unknown to many tourists. Only Bolognese people use to spend most of their weekends in the summertime by the sea to relax.

In fact, on the Adriatic coast, it is possible to simply go to one of the thousand beach clubs, rent an umbrella, or a sunbed, order a fresh drink or something to eat, lie down and sunbathe all day or dive into the water if it's too hot!

Just 30 minutes drive and you can reach the fifth-smallest microstate in the world, the Independent Republic of San Marino, an amazing village on a rock at 700 meters high. A place not to be missed! Follow me!

Do you want to know a special itinerary from Bologna?

From Bologna to San Marito it takes approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes by car but please consider that the highway, especially during Summer weekends, is packed with cars so if you have the chance please choose a day during the week to visit the coast or decide to go there by train and rend a car to go around the area.

San Marino is one of the smallest Independent states in the world and with only 5 euros you can put your tourist visa on your passport here!

It is really nice to walk down the beautiful narrow streets of the center and discover the main square, the government palace, the church of Saint Marin, and the three towers.

Climb up to a long panoramic path and see the ancient towers and the amazing view of the hills and sea. If you like shopping this is the right place to make a deal because ordinary Italian taxes are not added to the products. Along the way, you can buy many things but especially leather, sunglasses, perfumes, clothes, handmade ceramics, artisanal souvenirs, and even guns at excellent prices.

Only thirty minutes by car and you are in Rimini, an ancient Roman city where it is still possible to find a Roman bridge, several important monuments, learn something about the famous art director Federico Fellini and take a walk on the long beach!

At lunchtime, the local typical bread called "piadina" IS A MUST. It can be filled with cold cuts or fish. After this stop, you can walk down the ancient Emilia Street discovering the Roman Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus, the Sigismondo Castle, and the district of San Giuliano where the famous art director Federico Fellini used to walk with his friends.

At the end of the day, before going back to Bologna, you can also decide to stop by one of the many “beach clubs” on the beach of Rimini for a good aperitif!

See you there!

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