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From Bologna to the Adriatic coast: a fantastic weekend in the sun.

It takes only one hour's drive from Bologna to reach some nice beaches on the Adriatic coast and learn something about the specialties of the Romagna area. So we can decide to arrange for a fantastic tour of two days in Romagna.

In the summertime during the weekends, many Italians want to spend few hours of relaxing on the beaches of Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico, Cervia, or Marina di Ravenna so that during the summer weekends it will be better to avoid the highway which is really crowded.

If you leave in the morning we could stop along the way to visit a famous place called Brisighella and taste a fantastic extra virgin olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive oil is mainly produced in the south of Italy (Puglia Region) but in Emilia Romagna, there is a famous oil variety, protected by law, which worth a taste!

The sea of Rimini, Riccione, Cervia or Cesenatico is not as clear as the one in Sardinia but the Adriatic coast offers a lot of attractions and fun things to do especially for young people and families. We can find here many hotels, bars, restaurants, fun-parks, aquarium, discos and places to spend time for an aperitif.

Many places on the beach offer good quality fish to pair with Sangiovese wine. In the evening there are many music festivals along the street. This is the reason why also many Italians decide to spend their holidays on the Adriatic coast because it offers very good accommodation facilities.

Romagna is also famous for a typical takeaway dish called "piadina" which is normally eaten with squacquerone cheese (a Pdo product of Romagna) and "rucola" (rocket) salad and can be tasted in one of the thousands of kiosks along the streets.

After visiting the Olive grove we can decide to spend the rest of the day walking on the seaside o Rimini or in the city center. A walk through the new "marina", The Augusto arch, and the Tiberio Bridge, both dating back to the Roman Period, Sismondo Castle and the fantastic area of Sangiuliano with its pretty small painted houses and where Fellini, the famous film director, was born.

Probably even a weekend is not enough to see all the wonders of this area but for sure in two days the tan is guaranteed.


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