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From Bologna to Venice in one day!

Bologna is the perfect starting point for visiting the northern part of Italy.

You can decide to stay in the city center or in the surroundings for a few days and ask me to take you to Milan, Florence or Venice by car or train whenever you want!

Venice can be reached by speed trains or in an hour and half by car!

Decide what you prefer and let’s go!

We will leave quite early in the morning and meet up with a licensed Venice Tour guide at about 10.30 a.m.

Igor, the guide, will take us on an orientation walking tour where the entire area of the Jewish neighborhood will be covered.

We will continue with the Rialto bridge and the fish and fruit markets (they will be closed on Sunday and Monday).

We will discover and learn the story of Marco Polo and his great trip to China. We will be blown away by some great views of the city while Igor will enchant us with some incredible venetian legends.

We will see the area of St. John and St. Paul with a lovely stop in an amazing Shakespeare style bookstore.

After a nice walk through St. Mark square we will reach the “Scala del “Bovolo” a lovely staircase that looks like a snail and the Pisa leaning tower.

After about 3 hours of tour we will be back to Bologna in the evening.

This itinerary can be customized according to your wishes even on spot!

I can’t wait to take you to Venice.

See you soon! Cecilia

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