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Modena, slow food, and fast cars!

Have you ever been to Modena?

A few years ago nobody knew there was a nice little village on Emilia Street with one of the most beautiful Cathedrals of the Region. Built-in 1099, influenced by Romanesque art style, the cathedral is a Unesco heritage site since 1997. The carved facade and the masterpieces of art inside the church cannot be missed!

Recently, Modena has become more and more appreciated worldwide thanks to its famous three Michelin stars chef Massimo Bottura and it has been ranked third out of 9 places in the world for food and gastronomy from the Tripadvisor platform.

Osteria Francescana is the best place in Italy for foodies in 2021 but it was also twice named the best restaurant in the world!!

So, even if you need at least € 300 for a 12-course "tasting" meal and a 6-month waiting list, people are queuing up to try this unique tasting experience!

After the tour of the cathedral climbing up to the top of the Ghirlandina tower is a must for an amazing view of the city. During the weekends it is also possible to visit the Military Academy inside the Ducal Palace, the number one Baroque palace in Europe and old residence of the Estense Family when left Ferrara. (adults 10 euro and people up to 12 years old euro 8)

Moreover, if you are a car lover, you cannot miss the Enzo Ferrari Museum, a futuristic arena with many beautiful Ferrari vintage cars and some F1 simulators, or the Maserati, not far from the museum.

Lamborghini and Pagani factories, if you are around, should also be on the top of your list!

Do you like opera?

If so you will certainly remember the famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti and you absolutely have to visit the house/museum he built to entertain his friends, teach young singers and enjoy family life. (The house is 20 minutes drive from Modena and the ticket is approx. 10 euro per adult).

If you are in Bologna you can reach Modena by train in 30 minutes but if you want to visit many other attractions in the area, like for example a Balsamic factory, to learn how the famous Balsamic vinegar is made or the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory, I suggest you rent a car.

If you don’t like to drive in the area because of the traffic, especially in peak hours, you can keep in touch with me and I will be more than pleased to show you around.

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