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The tasty Vignola Cherry

During the wintertime sometimes we need comfort food. Today it’s time for a good cherry tart with a cup of tea or coffee so that we can forget the cold weather outside.

The area of Vignola is the perfect place to try different kinds of Cherries just picked from the trees and eat immediately! So good.

Vignola is a small village 8 miles away from Modena, northern Italy, and is the homeland of the famous variety “moretta” a Protected Geographical Indication cherry (PGI).

The fantastic quality of these cherries is due to the soil properties of the area as a result of deposits left by the near Panaro river.

Every year, at the end of March, beginning of April, Vignola celebrates the blooming period of cherry trees with happenings and parades along the town streets.

In June, takes place another important event called "TEMPO DI CILIEGIE", a festival during which, for a couple of weekends, it is possible to buy and taste cherries directly from the stands of producers, along the streets.

While we are in Vignola we absolutely have to visit its Castle, a beautiful 5 floors Mansion that in 1400 became the home of a rich and famous family, the Contrari.

At the moment, during weekends, we can visit the prison in the basement, the beautiful rooms with frescos and decorations, and the walkways used by soldiers during the wars and connecting the three towers on the top floor.

In Vignola it is also possible to admire the breathtaking perspective given by the spiral staircase inside the Boncompagni Palace designed by the famous architect Jacopo Barozzi.

For more information about cherries, events, cooking classes, and visits to the town of Vignola write to or have a look at some suggested itineraries on my website

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