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Rimini and San Marino

Discover San Marino and Rimini with Your Own Tour from Bologna or Modena

Discover San Marino and Rimini with Your Own Tour from Bologna or Modena

Emilia is famous for good food and speed cars, but what about Romagna? Have you ever been there?
Romagna is part of a region still rather unknown to many tourists. Only Bolognese people spend most of their summertime weekends here, relaxing by the sea.

In fact, on the Adriatic coast, it’s possible to go to one of the hundreds of beach clubs, rent an umbrella or a sunbed, order a fresh drink or something to eat, and either sunbathe lying down all day or dive into the water if it’s too hot!

One of my favorite places in Romagna is Rimini. An ancient Roman city where it’s still possible to find a Roman bridge, and several important Roman monuments, learn something about the famous art director Federico Fellini, and take a walk on the long beach!

In just a 30-minute drive from there, you’d reach the fifth-smallest microstate in the world, the Independent Republic of San Marino, a fantastic village on a rock at 700m high, where with only €5 you can get a tourist visa on your passport! Let’s go, make your adventure with this easy-to-follow plan:

Our tour will begin by picking you up from where you’re staying in Bologna or Modena, using a comfy private car.

In just under 2 hours, I’ll whisk you away to a different country—the independent State of San Marino. Once there, get ready for a delightful walking tour through narrow streets, checking out:

  • The Palace of the Independent Government
  • The Church of Saint Marin
  • A scenic path leads to three ancient towers with stunning views.

And here’s a tip for the shopping fans: San Marino is a gem, with lower taxes than Italy! Treat yourself to some guilt-free shopping.

Lunchtime takes us to lively Rimini, where you’ll enjoy a tasty “piadina,” a local street food that you can fill with your choice of cold cuts or fish.

Our journey continues along the ancient Emilia Street, where we’ll explore:

  • The Roman Tiberio Bridge
  • San Giuliano district
  • Sigismondo Castle and Main Square
  • Augustus Arch

As the day winds down, before heading back to Bologna in the late afternoon, we’ll make a pitstop at one of Rimini’s beach clubs for a refreshing coffee or “aperitivo”.

Join Your Own Tour for a day packed with culture, amazing views, delicious eats, and even a bit of shopping therapy. Reserve your spot now, and let the adventure begin!

All tours can be personalized to suit your needs and passions. The tours mentioned are examples; feel free to ask for more to customize your perfect day with me by your side.


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