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Walking Food Tour Of Bologna

Savor and Discover: A Gastronomic and Artistic walking tour of Bologna

Savor and Discover: A Gastronomic and Artistic walking tour of Bologna

Explore Bologna’s culinary and historical wonders with me. Indulge in iconic dishes like mortadella and tortellini, all while discovering the city’s rich history through 25 miles of charming arcades, ancient walls, towers, and churches.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Bologna, navigating vibrant markets and sampling local delicacies. I’ll share intriguing anecdotes about the city’s past as we get authentic specialties for a delightful lunch.

I’m inviting you to a carefully planned food adventure, designed for those who appreciate good eats. Immerse yourself in tasty flavors, local sights, and the charm of downtown Bologna.

  1. Easy start: Kick off your food walk with convenience. I’ll pick you up from where you’re staying. Let’s make the start of your exploration in downtown Bologna a breeze!
  2. Pasta and sweets – a bit of home comfort: discover how fresh pasta is made at a local shop. You’ll also enjoy a typical cake—just the right touch of sweetness to make you feel at home.
  3. Market fun – a feast for your senses: explore lively local markets, the kind locals love. Dive into the bustling vibe, and grab regional treats like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mortadella ham, focaccia bread, and authentic balsamic vinegar—all right in downtown Bologna.
  4. Oldest market stroll – discovering local gems: take a stroll through the city’s oldest market, a real treasure for foodies. Pick up more goodies for our upcoming lunch feast while we share some interesting insights about the city.
  5. Lunchtime treats at the oldest Osteria or in a local Trattoria: As lunchtime hits, we’ll stop at the oldest osteria in town. Dig into a feast with the treats you’ve gathered, paired with a glass of local Pignoletto or Lambrusco wine for that extra bit of delight.

    **Optional: Local Trattoria Delight – savor authentic local cuisine: should you wish, we can make a pitstop at a local trattoria to savor authentic local dishes, adding an extra layer of local culinary experience to your journey.

  6. Coffee and gelato time – a nice Wrap-Up: finish our food adventure at a cozy bar with a good cup of coffee or a gelato. Take a moment to soak in the flavors and memories we’ve made throughout the day.

Join Your Own Tour for a special food walk in downtown Bologna—made for those who love great food, local vibes, and creating tasty memories. Book your experience now and let’s explore the flavors of Emilia Romagna together!

All tours can be personalized to suit your needs and passions. The tours mentioned are examples; feel free to ask for more to customize your perfect day with me by your side.


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