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Ferrara and Modena Cities Centres

Explore Este Family's heritage: from Bologna to Ferrara and Modena

Explore Este Family's heritage: from Bologna to Ferrara and Modena

With this tour, you’ll have the chance to explore one of the most influential families of the 15th century, the Este family who held power over Ferrara and later Modena.

The tour will be split into two parts.

Morning Journey:

  • Pick Up: 9-9:30 a.m. I’ll pick you up from your Bologna hotel, train station, or the airport. Forget about figuring out buses – I’ve got you covered.
  • Ferrara – bikes everywhere: Arriving in Ferrara, we’ll check out cool stuff like the castle and beautiful squares. And yes, Ferrara is known for bikes, so get ready for a unique vibe and a stroll or a bike ride around the city center.
  • Yummy lunch in Ferrara! Try the local bread and a tasty dish called “tortelloni di zucca” (it’s pasta with pumpkin). I promise it’s delicious!

Afternoon Adventure:

  • The next stop is Modena, where a breathtaking cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, awaits you. The magnificent sculptures on its facade narrate stories from the Bible for those who, in the past, could not read!
  • Back to Bologna in the late afternoon: I’ll bring you back to Bologna as the day winds down. You’ll leave with awesome memories and some great photos.

Ready for a day filled with history, good food, and cool sights? Book your Este Family Heritage tour now and get ready for a fun adventure in Ferrara and Modena!

All tours can be personalized to suit your needs and passions. The tours mentioned are examples; feel free to ask for more to customize your perfect day with me by your side.


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