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From Bologna and Modena to Parma

Explore Emilia Romagna: Day trip from Bologna or Modena to Parma!

Explore Emilia Romagna: Day trip from Bologna or Modena to Parma!

Embark on a fascinating day trip from either Bologna or Modena to Parma, where I’ve crafted an exclusive experience just for you! Immerse yourself in the rich history, culture, and delightful flavors that Emilia Romagna has to offer.

Morning departure: kickstart your day with a convenient pick-up from Bologna or Modena. Relax in a comfortable car, soaking in the picturesque drive through Emilia Romagna.

Parma’s artful marvels: about an hour later, arrive in Parma and dive into the enchanting world of the Cathedral and Baptistery. A professional art guide will weave captivating narratives, bringing the history and culture to life.

Guided city stroll: explore Parma’s city center with ease as our expert guide reveals hidden gems and shares fascinating insights. It’s a delightful journey through art and history.

Lunch like a local: savor a mouthwatering lunch featuring Parma’s specialties, including “torta fritta” with cold cuts and exquisite fresh egg pasta.

Afternoon choices: for those opting out of shopping, immerse yourself in cultural wonders. Visit the Pilotta Art Gallery and the iconic Farnese Theatre, where history and art converge seamlessly.

Ready for your Parma adventure? Book now and create lasting memories amidst the cultural and culinary wonders of Italy!

All tours can be personalized to suit your needs and passions. The tours mentioned are examples; feel free to ask for more to customize your perfect day with me by your side.


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